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About us
Startup Scaleup created in 2017, incubated by PROIN of UEG, accelerated by ACE, approved in 2 acceleration processes in Canada, participation in 2 Campus Party, accelerated by Daryus Group, participation by HDI Expo International, awarded in the Set Innovation Zone, invited to participate in the USA Day in Orlando - Florida - USA and approved for the Microsoft for Startups program.

It has on its board, partners with more than 20 years of experience in the national and international market, in medium and large companies, participating in highly complex projects.

We use practices and methodologies, from large companies and startups, created in Silicon Valley in California - USA.

This keeps us constantly evolving to help customers on their daily journeys.
At the expense of some market needs, the founders of SENSR.IT interviewed about 65 CIOs to understand what were the main dilemmas of everyday life, delivery difficulties and why IT was not seen as a strategic and extremely important area for sustaining and growing the business.

Of these, 95% claimed high cost, responsiveness, slowness and lack of visibility and transparency in relationships with IT partners. Based on this result, planning was undertaken to develop a solution: ITSM - ALL-IN-ONE


From Startup created in 2017 to a Scaleup company consolidated in 2020, with a 322% growth in the previous year:


Countries underway for Platform Internationalization


For all this, for the experience and credibility of the partners in the market, the consolidation of the platform and the brand exposure in the last 2 years, today we are a Recognized Company in the Market, we are completely ready and accredited to operate throughout the country and strongly inclined for rapid international expansion.


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