Do you also identify with the following dilemmas?

95% of respondents claimed these concerns

Low suitability
for LGPD

It is unknown what is really needed

Information Insecurity

Sensitive data is exposed

Sensitive data
is exposed

No management of critical business items

Lack of commitment

Unmet needs within agreed deadlines


There are loopholes and vulnerabilities

Projects without benefits

Not strategic and no ROI and Payback


Low investment assertiveness


There are never proactive actions

Know our solution and differentiate yourself

The software you need to get your IT fully aligned with strategic business goals


See how SENSR.IT PLATFORM can help you, 06 interconnected strategic modules are supporting you in the strategic, tactical and operational layer. Manage everything using one solution.


BI module for executives
Strategic dashboard for real-time decision making, minimize impacts and drive assertively
  • Balanced ScoreCard – Align IT with strategic business goals
  • IT Model Canvas – Speak the language of business
  • Management view of contracts and suppliers
  • Real-time view of the availability of critical business support items
  • Management view of maturity level, analyze and mitigate risks that may impact your business
  • Executive Panel for Demand Management: Direct, Anticipate SLA delays, track user satisfaction and journey
  • PMO panel for project and step analysis


    Module that manages all contracts and suppliers
    Proactive insight and increased security, access traceability and reliability in what was acquired, enabling effective management and real-time audits, as well as saving up to 35% on IT costs
  • IT Budget - Capex and Opex Strategic Vision
  • Management trend analysis of contract use
  • Workflow focused on follow-up of performed activities
  • Time, cost and role management and responsibility
  • Management of contract terms
  • Traceability and audit of access, with log and video


    Module that makes complete management of the demands of all business areas
    Organize all requests by department, impact and have a different service catalog, workflow, and SLA strategies
  • Managerial dashboard for decision making
  • User journey management, real-time tracking
  • Easy automation of call opening by Email, portal, local agent
  • IT inventory management
  • Chat and integrated remote access
  • Request Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem management process to deal with the root cause
  • Change management with approval workflow, multiple area involvement, and risk and impact analysis
  • Hardware and Software Inventory with Real-Time Vulnerability View
  • Knowledge database


    Strategic module that manages strategic IT services
    Manage the availability of critical business impact items
  • Managerial dashboard for decision making
  • Strategic Monitoring Groups (create groups and track the % availability)
  • Real-time availability analysis
  • CI monitoring (Devices)
  • Capacity Plan – strategic projection of equipment consumption
  • Process consumption management, stop and restart automatically
  • Automatic dispatch for incident opening alerts via SMS, Email, signaling problems in advance


    Module responsible for managing IT projects and all business areas
    Agile project management concept, with a practical vision for the organization and monitoring of activities
  • PMO panel for project management monitoring, stage, cost and allocation
  • Project Prioritization Matrix: Demonstrate to the company which projects are strategic, drive innovation, and recommend which ones to develop
  • Project scope management
  • Activity Time Management
  • Management activities with kanban and gantt
  • Team allocation management (calendar and availability)


    Module responsible for analyzing the level of maturity of IT or business areas.
    Pointing out the key risks and improvement needs, besides, can manage changes over time for comparative improvements in the IT and business environment.
  • Requirements management based on standards and frameworks: ISO 27.001, ISO 20.000, ISO 9.001, CobIT and ITIL
  • Supporting companies within the framework of LGPD - General Data Protection Act
  • IT risk mapping - gap analysis - with evolution plan
  • Technology evolution management with baseline and trend analysis
  • Risk Matrix, analyze and manage real-time items that can impact your business.
  • Backup and restore tracking management


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    We make life easier for corporate executives and IT consultants

    Get your IT diagnostics free and know how mature your business is

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      Customer Satisfaction

      • Marcos Calil Zanetti
        Thank you very much for all the support that SENSR.IT has given ERP Plus. Together, we will go through this phase and come out stronger.
        Congratulations on your achievements!
        Marcos Calil Zanetti
        ERP Plus
      • persio lara
        I received a new challenge at the company, but I was having great difficulty organizing the IT area, creating processes and generating IT value for the business, I couldn't be heard internally, it was then that I met the SENSR.IT Platform, which helped me to quickly increase my maturity and connect with company executives, being aligned with the business strategy and inserted in the company's expansion process. It has made all the difference in my management. Today I have all information about: Contract with audits, IT budget management, strategic monitoring, demand management, risk and maturity analysis and project management in a single solution. In addition, I could not fail to mention the great technical support of Fabricio Silva and the mastery of Fabio Varricchio's IT and business strategy consultancy with an emphasis on the importance of technology in the Company's strategic objectives.
        Pérsio Lara
        Montreal Magazine
      • Ricardo Maciel
        Congratulations SENSR.IT. Congratulations on the well-deserved acknowledgments SENSR.IT.
        Ricardo Maciel
      • Alex Montanini
        Congratulations SENSR.IT. I am happy to follow and participate in the evolution process of you and SENSR.IT. Congratulations on your achievements. New ones are coming. Success always We are together!
        Alex Montanini
      • Diego Nascimento
        The SENSR.IT platform is the practical meaning of intelligent management in the age of entrepreneurship. In our institution, SENSR.IT has assisted the Information Technology team and the Board in diagnostics for decision making and also guaranteed compliance with the LGPD.
        Diego Nascimento
        Instituto Presbiteriano Gammon
      • Alexandre Ramos
        Congratulations SENSR.IT. These acknowledgments are very just. You are doing a remarkable job. Upward and beyond!
        Alexandre Ramos
        M3 Tecnologia da Informação

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